Published by Champion Stables

Published by Champion Stables

Choosing the ideal feeder for your horse

Feeding horses can be a frustrating task when the wrong equipment is used.

But the good news is that there are several options available to make feeding less of a chore and something you look forward to every day.

When choosing a feeder, consider your horse’s needs.

  • Does your horse throw his hay on the ground?
  • Does it require special supplements or medications?
  • Do you feed extra hay between feedings?
  • Do you need a combination hay and grain feeder, or do you need separate feeders for hay and grain?

These questions will help you to determine the right feeder for your horse.

There are many types of feeders available, from corner swing-out feeders, to feeders that mount flat on the wall.

Swing-out feeders are a great tool to use because they don’t require entry into the stall.

They simply swing out into the aisle way, allowing you to put hay and grain in without the worry of your horse trying to steal a few bites before you get the feed into the stall.

This also alleviates trying to open and close doors with scoops and flakes of hay in your hands.

Swing-out feeders are also beneficial if you may be going out of town or having somebody else feed who may not be familiar with your horses.

Hardwood Rotating Feeder with HDG Bin (2)

Wall mount feeders are also a nice item to use. Some are a combination feeder, and others can just be a hayrack.

The hayrack helps keep the hay off the ground for horses that have problems walking or urinating on their hay. When using a wall-mounted feeder, entry into the stall is necessary to get the feed in.

Rotating Feeder - Hayrack (3)

However, if you have a feed door installed in the front of your stall, a wall-mounted feeder can be used and no entry is required.

Grain feeders are also available as a corner or wall mount.

They can be galvanised or made of a tough poly material that is rugged and durable.

Automatic waterers can also be used to save time and ensure that your horse has plenty of fresh water.

Form-Ply Wall Lining with SS Water Trough (4)

If you are away for long hours during the day, you do not have to worry if your horse has enough water, provided that everything is functioning properly.

As always, Champion Stables is here to help you make the best choices for your horses.

We can custom design feeders to fit the needs of our customers.

Have a question? Get in touch with us online now.

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