Five Things to Think About When Designing Your Stable

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1. New Or Existing Shed Or Barn?

Is your new stable fit-out going into a totally new shed/barn build or do you have an existing building that your stables will be going into? With a new building, you may well have the plans and specifications at hand, making your design a little easier. However, if it’s an old, already-existing building, it may be worth getting our sales team to do an initial site inspection to make sure the stables can be installed safely. The good news is that all our stable solutions can be customized to fit!



2. Safe & Stress Free Environment

Ideally your stable fit-out will promote an airy, light, nice place to work in and more importantly a safe, stress free environment for your horse. Horses over 15 hands usually require a stable at least 3.6m x 3.6m. So although we have standard size wall panels, we are flexible to provide a size that suits you and your horse.



3. Stable Layout

Stable fit-outs with a central aisle have better access and are easier for you to take care of your horses. However, we know this is not always possible, especially where space may be limited or the stable panels are being retro fitted into an existing, older building. Our team at Champion can help you with this and come up with the customized solution you need. Getting the layout right the first time will save you time and money.


4. Stable Doors and Day Yard Doors

It’s always well worth thinking about what doors you may require and which ones suit your needs. For example, a really good solution for a breezeway where space may be a limiting factor could be a sliding door configuration. There are also swing doors, half height swing doors, sliding doors and swing doors with opening hatches, so you’ve got plenty of options to suit. Also, it may be worth having a door from your stall that opens out to a day yard or paddock. Our “Day Yard” doors are perfect for this.


5. Are You Going To Relocate Your Stables In The Future?

The benefits of using a Champion Stable System is that it provides an easy solution for installation, and is also relatively easy to de-install, pack up and move to another location if needed. So when planning your stable design, it’s worth keeping this in the back of your mind.

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