Published by Champion Stables

Published by Champion Stables

Preparing Stables for Wet Season

As summer comes to a close, it is vital to prepare your barn or stable for the rainy months ahead.

With the varied climates across Australia, rain can be unpredictable at times, which is why at Champion Stables, we’re here to help and guide you to prepare well when the rainfall does come. Here are some of our best tips when planning early!

Redirect Rain Water

Assess the ground around your barn or stable to identify where the water will flow. Water will naturally flow and accumulate to the lowest points on the ground, so by digging small ditches will be effective in reducing flooding. Additionally, it is important to angle and direct the run-off away from the barn or stable and into an appropriate location, ideally isolated from the main areas.

Correct Flooring

It is recommended that rubber floor mats are used in entry ways, as this will help reduce slips, especially in messy and muddy entries. They are also comfortable and safe for your horse, and easy to clean and maintain. Sand is a good option that is soft and provides good drainage. See our blog on choosing flooring for your stable.


Checking Guttering

Regularly checking guttering is unobstructed and in good working condition will help the flow of excessive rainwater. This should be done annually, at least.

Weather Proof Doors

Ensuring your horse is safe is a key priority, and a door that is going to withstand the elements will do just that. At Champion Stables, we offer doors that are easy to install, robust and are suited to any weather condition. Request a free quote on our shutters here.


Disaster Plan

If your property is at risk from bushfires and/or floods you should develop specific plans of action in advance. NSW Department of Primary Industries provide information on what to do when you’re at risk. Click here for the PDF

Rainproof Exterior and Roof

Weather resistant material will assist in keeping rain water away from your stable or barn and will also improve its durability. Sealant can be a great tool during the wet season, but of course regular inspections will identify any problems. Champion Stables Systems aims to provide you with a product that is safe and durable.


General Daily Checks

Create a daily check list for inspecting your stables. Rain and storms may increase debris and clutter around the stables, so it is important to remove any that you find, as this will increase the likelihood of floods.

These general steps will help you to create a safe environment for your horse. All of our stables meet Stable Safe criteria and will provide a stress-free environment for you and your horse.

Any Questions?  Contact us online.

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