Swinging Stable Shutters

Made of RHS metal frame, Champion Stable Systems Swinging Stable Shutters are made to suit stables where single or double stable shutters are required and are robust and strong to suit any weather condition. 

The shutters are manufactured with an internal 35mm x 35mm RHS frame (Powder coated). They have a 5mm external metal skin (all colours available) and pre-hung in a four-sided frame.

These Swinging Stable Shutters are a very cost effective way of providing airflow into your stables, Pre hung in a frame, all shutters are easy to install and are designed with 180 degree opening of the shutter leaf.

Our Swinging Stable Shutters are:

  • Easy to install
  • Designed to create a stress-free environment
  • Used by many of the industries most respected businesses  

All of our products also meet our Stable Safe policy and give you peace of mind and a safe and stress-free environment for your horses.