Stable Construction Projects

Post Entry Quarantine Facility

Mickleham, VIC

The new Post-Entry Quarantine Facility being built at Mickleham in Victoria will replace the existing Commonwealth-operated facility at Eastern Creek. Champion Stable Systems has recently completed stage 1 of works.

This project involved the design, manufacture and installation of horse stables, sliding shutters, horse prep and recovery doors, feed and water troughs, stainless steel dog kennel doors, cat kennel doors and acoustic walling.

These products were manufactured and installed by Champion Stables over a six-month period in conjunction with a leading commercial contractor and government agency. 

Elmore Equestrain Park

Elmore, VIC

Champion Stable Systems was approached by the Elmore Park Committee to help design and manufacture 108 portable stables for their new undercover stable complex.

The horse stables for this project had to be designed and manufactured to be portable so that they could be easily moved each year for the Elmore Field Days. 

Adelaide Equine Health Centre

Roseworthy, SA

Adelaide Equine Health & Performance Centre is a brand new, state of the art equine teaching hospital based at the University of Adelaide's Roseworthy campus. 

Champion Stable Systems was contracted by Sarach Construction to design, and manufacture a range of Stables, Horse Prep and Recovery Doors, Sliding Barn Doors, Isolation Sliding Doors and Shutters, Round Yards, and Timber Sliding Doors to meet the specifications set out by the University of Adelaide. 

Champion Stable Systems also provide onsite project management and consultancy throughout the installation and commissioning of this project. 

Peta Hall

Goulburn Valley, VIC

It was during another successful showing at Elmore Field Days that we met Peta Hall, and worked on a great little stable solution for her. We manufactured 3 stables with hardwood sliding doors and hardwood side doors with a wash bay boom addition. We also installed swinging rug racks and a new design rotating feeder/hayrack. Overall project time was 4 weeks with a 1 day installation.

Rob and Carole Heffernan

Yarra Valley, VIC

After exhibiting at Equitana in 2014 in Melbourne, champion Stables was approached by Rob and Carole to fit out their new stable complex. The project consisted of 10 Stables (Hardwood Sliding Door Front Walls & Form-Ply Side Walls), 1 wash bay, 10 rotating feeders, and 10 SS auto water troughs. Overall, from order to manufacture and delivery, the project was completed in 6 weeks with a final installation time of 4 days.

Swan Hill, VIC

Our client from the Swan Hill, Victoria region knew exactly what he wanted and it wasn’t stabling 101. After a period of design consultation we arrived at stabling that had multiple bespoke elements throughout. Using a lighter colour scheme in our superior EQUIBOARD TM material we fabricated and installed 4m x 8m deep stable boxes, customised feeders, customised day yard and personal access doors and tie up rails to provide a facility any horse would be happy to reside within.

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Our client resides on the Mornington Peninsula and wanted to retro fit stable boxes to an open fronted gable structure. Her brief was that she wanted stabling that was aesthetically pleasing and therein would incorporate locally sourced hardwood timber and complement with a bespoke design. Once we completed installation the finished result uses a 32mm thick tongue and groove Victorian Ash hardwood with a hot dipped galvanised frame that would withstand everything that the horses and mother nature could throw at them.

Bendigo, VIC

Our client from the Bendigo region of Victoria had an existing machinery shed that she wanted to convert to stabling for her hobby horses. Using the structural framework within as a footprint to work to we designed, manufactured and installed multiple stable boxes, feed room and self contained tack room with mezzanine roof to provide the total functional facility she wanted. Victorian Ash hardwood timber complements the stable panel design providing a pleasing aesthetic as well as being incredibly strong and durable to withstand equine behaviours.

Bellarine Peninsula, VIC

Our clients having recently purchased the property were very keen to have stabling built. When we met with them onsite and viewed that there was a redundant machinery shed we were able to provide them a vastly more cost efficient option to achieve the same goal. Therefore using the existing framework we were able to provide a tack/storage room, 3 inline stables with day yard doors leading to rear day yards, a wash bay and hay feed storage facility. To complete the picture we installed a lean to facility that provided the perfect covered area for them to safely park their horse float.

Swan Hill, VIC

Kristen and Darren had been planning these stables for a couple of years. When the time was right Kristen called up, we went to site, measured up and the project was underway. Their daughter Lilly now has 2 beautifully designed stables to take care of her horses and is enjoying every minute of them. This project was 4 weeks from measure up to install. 

Carringbush Park

Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Carringbush Park is the thoroughbred training facility of Matt Laurie Racing on the Mornington Peninsula. With access to many lush paddocks they wanted to provide a bespoke facility that could incorporate multiple horses so that they could be safely contained without having to relocate the horses back to the principal stabling block at night time. Champion Stables installed structurally engineered gable roof structures with downpipes for a secure external structure. Internally we fitted stable panels with rotating feeder panels in the rear walls so two horses could be securely and safely contained within each structure. A classic example of what Champion can do with working to a client’s wish list and providing an appropriate solution.

Geelong, VIC

Our client from the Geelong, Victoria area is involved in thoroughbred pretraining/training and wanted functional stabling that would work hand in glove with his new American Barn. Accordingly Champion Stables worked with him to manufacture and install stable panels using our superior EQUIBOARD TM material to facilitate 4 stable boxes, a tie up area and wash bay to provide the perfect environment for those horses. The stable barn has been internally lined and metal clad stable box shutters incorporated to provide a “ room with a view ”

Platinum Park

Hawkesbury, NSW

Platinum Park is the thoroughbred training facility for Brad Widdup Racing located in the Hawkesbury region of NSW. Brad having worked for the Godolphin/Darley operation previously had a strong handle on what environment needed to be created for highly strung thoroughbreds with blue blood pedigrees and high price tags attached. Accordingly we manufactured and installed 20 boxes that incorporated rotating feeder panels in the stable fronts to provide functionality for his staff and stable shutters at the rear to provide stimulus and air flow for the horses.