Safety first with horse transportation

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Whenever you are travelling with your horse, I think you will agree that horse transportation is a complicated and arduous situation:
But with some intuitive tips and safety guidelines, you can make the trip all the more easier both for your horse and yourself!
Below we will show you some of our top tips and guidelines for making horse transportation easier, keeping your horse safe and healthy during trips, and things to consider that you might never have considered before:

So, for many reasons, horse owners, like yourself, would have to have travelled with your horse, whether it is for a competition, moving properties or for events:
Thus, there are many precautions you can and should take to insure your horse is happy and most importantly safe during its journey.
Because the last thing you want is to have this majestic animal you share a bond with be in pain.
Taking these necessary steps to reduce the chances of your horse being uncomfortable or unsafe is crucial to assure your horse doesn’t become scared of travelling or worse, injured:

Our top tips to keep your horse distracted and happy

• Leading up to the trip, it is wise to have them become familiar with the trailer: especially if they are not use to travelling or have been previously spooked. You can do this by allowing them to enter and exit at the same location without the trailer moving before loading them up for a long trip.

• When keeping them distracted with hay, we suggest using wet hay. Why? Because dust builds up in contained areas which can cause respiratory problems for your horse.

• In keeping your horse hydrated and comfortable during the trip, give them water at each stop. We also highly suggest that you bring water that your horse is use to. This is due to some horses being picky with unfamiliar water.

Our top safety tips

• Keep your trailer clean! A dirty trailer full of dust, hay, ammonia fumes and exhaust fumes is dangerous for your horse’s health. If your trailer is kept to the correct standard, your horse will feel more comfortable and will have less chance to develop illness.

• Make sure the vents are adjusted to an appropriate angle to protect your horse from outside weather.

• To avoid them falling into the sides of the trailer while driving: stop and start gently and take corners and roundabouts slowly.

• If you are on a long journey, your horse needs an opportunity to stop and rest every 2-3 hours on the road. Why? Because standing in a trailer is hard work for your horse due to the motion of the trailer and having to brace themselves the whole time because of the movement under their feet.

• Whenever you stop, untie them and allow them to lower their head so they can clear their respiratory tracts.


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