Published by Champion Stables

Published by Champion Stables

The Essential Stable Accessories

Stable accessories are an essential part of a stable setting. There are so many things you can have in a stable, but what is necessary?

There’s a wide range of accessories available out there and Champion Stables offers a premium range of horse stable accessories for your existing or new stable or stable complex.

Keep an eye out for our accessories store launch in June/July! Download our brochure here.

Here’s what we think is essential to your stable setting…


Choosing the right feeder for your horse can be frustrating and this can be dependent on your horse’s needs and are an absolute necessity for your stable.

Rotating feeders are a great tool to use because they don’t require entry into the stall. They simply swing out into the aisle way, allowing you to put hay and grain in without the worry of your horse trying to steal a few bites before you get the feed into the stall. These are also advantageous if you are away on holiday or having someone else feed who may not be too familiar with your horses.

Wall mount feeders are a great feeder accessory and are easy for your horse to use. These allow the hay biscuits to fit into the feeder and be mounted on the wall for easy access.

Rotating feeders are a great stable addition and allow you to fill your horses feeder and simply rotate. Easy!

Read more about our feeders here!

Rug Rails

Rug rails are a convenient way to hang your rugs, whether changing, drying or airing. Rather than hanging over stable doors, walls or on the floor, these wall mountable features are right there when you need them and are included in our accessories range.


The hayrack helps keep the hay off the ground and make it easy for horses to access their hay. Also these are great for horses that have problems walking or urinating on their hay.

Horse Drinkers

Horse drinkers help provide your horse with the best water possible. An average sized horse should be drinking 20-40L per day, which is likely to increase during winter as they eat more.

Automatic waterers can also be used to save time and ensure that your horse has plenty of fresh water.

Tie-Up Rings and Rails

Tie-up rings are an essential part of a stable, as this allows your horse to be tied up! All of our horses Tie-up Rails are custom designed and manufactured in our production facilities to suit your needs. We can create areas that are safe for your vet, farrier and staff to work with your horses. We can mount our horse tie-up rails in any position to suit all your requirements, to suit any animal from a pony to a thoroughbred. The tie-up rails can be bolted into concrete floor or cast within it.

Wash Bay Boom Hoses

Having the best wash bay hoses make it easier to wash your horse after a full day. We want to make your life easier, and we design and install horse wash stalls to suit all of your horse stable needs, making the maintenance and care for your horse an easy and stress-free experience. We can design and fit-out any type of wash bay whether it is external or internal.

Many years in the Equine industry have given us the insights to help assist you with a solution that is just for you and your stable requirement

Call today on 1800 657 536 and speak to one of the Champion team for more information on our range of equestrian stable supplies.

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